Another Day Managing Depression

Hi all,
I had a good day today. My church is actually doing lessons on depression, which I find interesting. We talked about brain function, the amygdala, and some other things that I had never heard of before. My minister shared a stat from a book that depression is caused 50% of the time by genetics, 40% of the time by voluntary decisions, and 10% by circumstance.

Who knows if that's the truth, but it makes you think at least.

It's also funny that we're covering depression at church because I usually get depressed just by going to church.

I felt good today. I was productive, which makes me happy. I cleaned house all day while jamming music. I find music is very effective at keeping me focused on a certain task. I feel less overwhelmed with music on, which is why I'm constantly listening to it.

I finally put my fake Christmas tree away. That was a big deal. You know how depressing it is to look at a Christmas tree in late January.

I've been getting into juicing. I love it. I'm going to try some recipes this week that are supposed to help with anxiety and depression.

I love to eat food, but I'm not a good cook. I found a couple Rachael Ray recipes that I'm looking forward to cooking this week: Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken and Parmigiano & Herb Chicken. I figured I can make them while I watch the video. It shouldn't be a complete failure.

I'm feeling anxious about tomorrow. I always feel behind at work and I feel scared that I'm going to miss a deadline or my boss is going to ask me if I've gotten a particular thing done yet when I haven't. I feel anxiety, depression, and panic welling up inside of me.

That's my day. Downton Abbey in 14 minutes!

Thanks for listening!


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1 Response Jan 27, 2013

I'm glad you had a good day, too. I didn't make it to church today.. Or out of bed, for that matter.