On My Last Legs

Today my only friend left this earth. Now i'm all alone again. I've cried my eyes out all day, now the room is silent. My hair is covered in a thick coat of dirt, my posture is that of a lizard, i'm crawling on my dying legs trying to suck the branches for some precious water, praying. I'm so sick, so tired. I never begged for much but today i begged, please god, please whatever, don't take this away from me. Fruitless. This just feels like the final straw, i surrender, i don't wanna be hurt no more. I've tried to believe that the struggle was something sacred, but does that really make it worthwile? If life is so thin and frail, why not just let it fade away?
heyheysam heyheysam
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 31, 2013

i'm sorry for your loss. Greive as much as you want, you have that right. No one knows why these things happen. It may be benifical to talk to someone about what you are going through, having support always helps. Be strong and never give up on yourself.

Life is always worthwhile as long as we choose to live in it. As long as you choose to live strength, courage, happiness, love,.... is what you have to gain. Without life you gain nothing, but leave an empty spot never to be filled and a lot of pain for others to carry