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hey everyone...

i'm going to make this short and sweet...I have just turned 18 and have had depression for a few years...not very plesant, I am finding that "normal" people with out this condition are very closed off to it...nobody gets it, it is like the depressed people arent really depressed they are "just pretending to be sad"...no one in my day-to-day life understands.

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depression is a natural part of life, so many consider it a bad thing, or don't embrace it as a good emotion, even though, if it's an emotion then it's good, your letting it out. But too much of anything can be bad, especially an emotional response, your neural pathways can be altered by a prolonged state of anything, and then it's more difficult to reverse. <br />
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So don't let it take over, life has many facets, and it's most redeeming quality is that it can, and will change, things will never be tomorrow quite the same as they are today. <br />
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And appreciating life means appreciating the black, white and gray areas. . . What doesn't kill you makes you more creative... some say stronger, I say more creative.

hey girlie, sorry but i can't get it...