Why Am I Here?

My son, who I loved more than life itself,  was my life, my best friend and confidante and my hero, passed away 09/03/04 of a massive heart attack...He was only 28...Since then I haven't been the same...I am alone and lonely now, and I don't enjoy life anymore...I have attempted suicide a few times and I feel unfortunate that I'm still here...My marriage has deteriorated because I stopped  being sexual and attentive...My life, as it is now has no love, joy, happiness nor meaning to it...I've been hospitalized, put on Anti-Depressants, and nothing helps...Most people wake up thanking God for another day, I wake up mad because I woke up...
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2 Responses May 27, 2007

what a horrible loss you have had to deal with! I know that it isn't something that a parent should have to go through. I believe in what the others have said that your son would want you to go on and live life. Try to be happy for what time you had with him and still have with others that love you! <br />
I understand that this is easier said then done. Try to keep your head up and maybe try another type of antidepressent out there. You can be happy again in time....so shine on the best that you can! <br />
Take Care!!

I know it hurts when u lost someone who seems to be everything for u....U need to move on w/ ur life and just believe that everything happens for a reason.U need to help urself be strong and have faith in God.I know ur son wouldn't be happy seeing u like this.....Pray always that's one thing that can help u.