Where Are They Now?

Life is just crazy
Working hard for just nothing
Life is horrible
Reasons are changing
People are weird as ever
I have not a friend
What is the reason?
Am I not good enough for
The perfect one, you
But wait a minute
You are not perfect either
You destroyed my life
What a friend you are
Your promises are gone like
You both are from me.
You are together
Separate from me. I am alone
Just like you left me
You told to leave me
Alone in the cold without
Anyone to help  

But I bested you
I found someone who is good
More even than you
Yet you still plague me
With this wretched disease of
Miserable alone
The end is near now
Only five more months of this
Misery and shame
Not a friend in sight
Only used by everyone
For meaningless crap

Where are your friends now?
The world seems to scream at me
You messed it all up
You were so naïve
You trusted them to be there
But where are they now?
Not here I answer
But with their real friends. Not me
They would not want me
Their friends are better
Much more fun to be around
Drinking makes things good

For them anyway
I am not as stupid as
Them with these such things
They do what they want
For they are invincible
Teenagers are dumb
Make the right choice please
Even though the choice is made
It should still be me
lenayisme lenayisme
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 3, 2013

i tots understand what its lyk to be left out and not wanted

How are you doing now? Only people that have depression will ever understand. I've suffered for a couple of years now and it's been hell. If you ever wanna talk I'm here to listen.