I Dont Really Feel Today!

well im out of town with a good friend who has issues, she has a mental disorder which causes her to be real paranoid and a ***** about everything... she hates when i take to long to get dress, or dont want to eat because i already ate to much calories!! she says stuff like stop being so self contious.. today she really made me mad! honesly i think she is jealous of me! i dont know i always feel like she is talking about me and doesnt like me! well anyways i wrote my ex on myspace havent wrote me back yet! i miss him but then again i dont. i think about how he used me, and hurt me, and want to die right then and there! but somehow i still i want him its crazy i need to stay single because i always get so depressed and hurt in relationships but i hate being alone!!!! tomorrow is his birthday!!!
18-21, F
May 27, 2007