Mom Wants Me To Be Perfect, Just Like My Sister

so obviously every family experiences a little sibling rivalry (if you're from a big family you'll know exactly what i'm talking about), my mother is convinced that my sister and i have common sibling rivalry which she believes is aggravated by us being true. FALSE. i can't stand my sister. she's a total *****, my mom is pretty one sided so my whole life i've grown up as sort of the background kid, i guess i'm posting this coz i'm just so sad right now and don't really feel like cutting, but anyway, there's a whole lot more to this than what im posting, but i feel so unwanted and unneeded and i always feel like the problem child (my disciplinary hearing scandal doesn't make these feelings any better) but that's a story for another day. anyway, im done with my endless babble that means nothing to anyone. story of my life. lol
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1 Response Feb 6, 2013

........Maybe your moma is blind to the fact that NO ONE is ever perfect,
Not even her daughter....
Maybe she feels imperfect herself,
Now project that hatred of her own shortcomings on your sister,
As if she is a substitute for everything she lacks.
Your mom clearly has major self-esteem issues,
And don't want to look at herself through you as a better representation of reality,
She makes up this whole PRETTY delusion around your sister,
Just so that she don't have to look at her own mistakes.....
I feel for your sister,
Maybe she knows she is not perfect and would have a hard time living up to the standards of perfection your mom set for her,
And she will maybe never be able to accept herself as she really is and would have no inner peace because of it...
Always thinking she is lacking in some way to please mommy's standard of perfection,
Guesss what your mom and sister are both delusional,
Because perfection does NOT exist and can never be achieved,
They both just hate who they really are, imperfections and all,
Now people who cannot love themselves sure as hell won't know how to love others around them!