She Took Her Away From Me.

My daughter turned 18 months 2 days ago. Yesterday I got a court hearing in the mail to have her name changed and to have me taken off the birth certificate. I called a lawyer to see what I can do. Sadly there is nothing I can do because I am not the biological father. She won't have my last name and I won't be on her birth certificate. She's taking my daughter away from me and she said she wouldn't. I know she lies a lot and I should have never trusted her, but now I'm really alone. No significant other, no child, just me. I can't stand it, it's literally eating me up. That she would do something like that to another human being, as if no one else matters, just her. It's always been about what she wants. Her and her alone, so I guess it's easy for someone like her to feel nothing when she goes and destroys someones life. I can't keep doing this. Everyday it's something else, I keep climbing and every step forward something knocks me back at least 5 steps. I can't do this anymore, I don't want to do this anymore. I don't have the energy for this anymore. I give up, I quit. I just can't do it anymore. What's the point if everything I love gets taken away from me?
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3 Responses Feb 6, 2013

I'm so sorry. Keep your chin up. Life has a funny way of coming around full circle. Sometimes we just have to be patient and wait for the circle to be complete. :-)

be strong my friend.. i ll pray to God soon you will find your true love and you will have your own kid..its yours and they will never leave you alone..

same case but difference is i'm her biological and legel father.

Oh god I'm so sorry. I know I'm not her biological or legal father, but I do love her just the same. I may not be able to get mine back because of legal matters, but I do hope you get yours back. You have my prayers and blessings :)