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Depressed Lately

Almost 30000 members of this group. I worry for everyone and hope for a better tomorrow for every member here.
For the past several weeks, I've been close to breaking down crying. It seems that everything I've looked forward to has been taken away from me because I've been hit with different physical ailments that made it a bad idea to go through with whatever I had been planning to do.

Dizzy spells one day kept me from going to a school assignment I had been looking forward an angry phone call from the school secretary about that, and she still hasn't responded to my apology. :(

There's also the time I was relieved to get a free physical from the Dr. Oz team, since I don't have $300 to get one at the doctor's office, but I got hit with such bad allergies that I spent the weekend in bed. :(

Now I'm going to have to spend most of my grocery money to get a wisdom tooth removed because we think it's contributing to the sinus infection I've had since before Christmas.

I feel angry and sad about these things, because I feel that I have let others down, and I don't understand why the problems just seem to be bombarding me. I hate myself for being so weak and not being able to deal with what many would consider insignificant pain.
OtomeSan OtomeSan 41-45, F 3 Responses Feb 6, 2013

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I think the same thing about all the members in here. It's so sad to think this is one of the largest groups. I think it's because the world makes you feel so bad when you really shouldn't. In school it's all about test and group projects and if you screw anything up you let down your parents, friends, family, etc. That carries on into real life and people still feel that nervousness if they do anything "wrong".

Reality is who cares. Those grade 2 test scores mean nothing, you make a mistake on a project doesn't make a difference compared to the whole year. We all need to stop worrying about the small things happening right now and think to the future. Sometimes things don't work out perfect, but so what, by the end of the month everything will be taken care of know matter what.

Hang in there!

Whatever you are feeling is not insignificant. I know the "world does not revolve around you", but your world does. Whatever makes you angry or sad, is justified by how you are feeling. Don't let others dictate how you should feel. Those are YOUR feelings. All I can really say is that after every storm the sun comes out. Things will get better for you. Be patient.