3:50 In The Morning

It's 3:50 in the moring and I can't sleep. I can't sleep because this evil demond called deppresion swooped in and took controll. It happens a lot and no matter how hard I fight it still gets me.

I don't want pity to be taken on me or for more attention. I want somebody to listen and if somebody listens it will be a first.

I have a long story and a bad past. I have made bad choices and I know that. I just wish I could take controll again. I feel like it has took controll of my life.

Everybody thinks I Little Miss Happy all the time. I put on this act so they don't know. I smile, I laugh, I sing and dance with them. When I'm not with them I am either on the corner of a street sipping tea and listening to music alone or in my room alone.

So now you have heard and listened. I am happy somebody did. You know my story a little bit. Just a lifes that I lead. One happy and fun and the other sad, cold and lonely.

screaminginshadows screaminginshadows
16-17, F
3 Responses Feb 9, 2013

I feel you....

I'm here ad listening if you ever want to talk.

two sides of a coin, i'm like that, now i'm charmed but it will fade, of that i'm sure, we have to learn to make the happy side our omly side, we need to meet people who undestamd us, i think we will, hope is the only thing we can't allow ourselves to loose

I find people who I think understand me then I push away because I don't trust anybody. My therapist told me I have trust issues. Well I think nobody understands me. I want somebody to see the whole picture but I guess I won't allow them to.


i want to see the whole picture im always here for anyone who needs help.