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With Love Of Family,It Doesn'T Help

Even with the love that surrounds me it's getting harder to cope and go on...Not a day goes by that something goes wrong...With my illnesses and that of my wifes and sons,its seems to be a losing battle...I see my wife slowly getting worse with her disability...My son has the same disability as his mom and knowing what he has in store for him,it hurts...On top of that he is mildly mentally handicap...My daughter is pregnat and do soon...She or her b/f has no job...My wife is buying everthing she needs for the baby and her..His family doesn't help out but really it's not there job...There is no one to turn to around us...No matter how hard i try,things don't work out...Yesterday started out good,even though i'm still fighting bronchitis...Fifteen miles from home,one wiper arm on our truck broke...That's all it took to get me in a bad,cussing mood...I just fixed it a 2 months ago...The hood has to come off and the panel in front of the windshield.. It's cold out and have no garage or anybody i can ask to use theirs...There is so many other things that goes wrong daily...Yes,i have been on meds before and i can't deal with the side effects...It is getting harder to go on like this, even with their love.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 1 Response Feb 9, 2013

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It sounds like you're in a "rut" 4 sure, bummer! : ( If I were you I would seek out counseling. I've gone before and it helped me alot. I've had to fight off depression and it's no fun alone. Some times family and friends are 2 close and you need outside help. I say a prayer for you, best of luck.