I Have a Disease

i am 25 years old i have been depressed at least since the age of 10.  i was molested then by my grandmother's boyfriend.  she took his side and said i was making it all up. ever since then i have been severly depressed.  about 1 month ago  i attempted suicide by overdose on sleeping pills.  it didn;t work obviously.  i went to a mental hospital, i was diagnosed with major depression, bipolar and borderline personality.  just finding out what was going on with me helped me deal with the disease.  i am on medication and seeing a doctor for my diseases.  i came to terms that i have a disease and that i am not the disease.  i have thought that i was the disease for a very long time.  i met other people who have gone through the same things i have and i learned i wasn;t the only one.  it helped me to see that there was hope and that i could be normal again.
mickster mickster
22-25, F
May 28, 2007