Ive woke up thought I was doing well but ive crashed through the floor with my mood and my noise intolerance is unbearable my 6yo daughter has her cousin having sleepover I cant handle it im in a state of panic I need to get away I cant do it
chuzan chuzan
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 17, 2013

Hey hang in there your gonna be ok. Had them kinda days, here lately seems to be everyday. You scream for just a minute of peace and quiet. Have a 7 yr old I know what your going through. Here if you need someone.

Thx feel like im going insane its like someone scrapping fingers down wall constantly

Your not insane, your human, yea I know all too well the chalkboard feeling. You want to literally crawl out of your skin. Just curious, wheres your spouse?

In the house she was eating crisps before and the sound maade me want to tear my skin off my whole body shaking