My Story

my life of depression started when ashle brake up with me i was sad but i got over it untell people started to bolly me it grow to a cupple to 5000 around me so insted of going outside i stay inside more then usual i was inside for my hole day people started to cyberbolly me sense i was on the computer most of the time this girl layla tretin to kill her self lokly she stop at that time i started to cut with a razor blade and im still am after that i got a wii u what im posting this on it made me happy tell mark fake kill him self at that time my girlfriend madison kill her self and layla was going to kill her self he message layla before that then today layla kill her self and i plan to kill my self today when everywhons asleep but my friend said wait tomarow to see if shes ok... shes probly not ;,(
braydel braydel
Feb 18, 2013