Teach Me How to Live

 I battle depression and have for the most of my adult life (maybe as a child also)  I have ignored the problem for most of my life by throwing myself into working as much as possible, even though I eventually did not enjoy it.  I was successful in my job but privately I have been miserable for most of my life. I have hidden it pretty well until I began to get older and fellow employees began to make comments on the fact that I only went to drug store and corner grocery store and it became obvious I really had no outside friends to speak of.   I am semi retired now but have finally found myself thinking about my very empty life and very few friends.  I have always been considered a loner from childhood and realize I have been basically a hermit for many years.   I want to enjoy life but will not commit if someone wants to visit with me or make plans (which is not very often) because I am afraid I will be very very tired and not able to keep up a happy face that particular day.   I need a life coach so very badly and would appreciate anyone who cares to be a friend who may help me learn how to enjoy life.    I am very appreciative that I have found this site because I have looked diligently in my area and can not find a support group.    MimiMimi 
MimiMimi MimiMimi
66-70, F
2 Responses Jun 2, 2007

It's not easy. It's no fun being alone in a crowd. I wish I had the answers. If I find them, I'll let you know.

I suffer from depression and some social anxiety. I feel lonely a lot.<br />
I also get so frustrated sometimes. I know what I need, but have trouble finding it. I think I need a friend or mentor to do things with me that I enjoy. That would be a good start.<br />
It is so tiring feel down all the time.<br />
When I am around people, I put on a happy face but cannot find much joy when I am by myself.