Yes and It Has Bee...

Yes and it has been a DAILY battle, right now one which i feel i am losing, since the age of 28, let me calculate for a second, 17 FLIPPIN years. Luckily on Monday i see a new Doctor, because quite frankly my old doctor was a QUACK!! And crossed the professional line on a few too many cases. This pathetic man, would prescribe medication to me over the phone, WITHOUT seeing me. At one point he had me on SEVEN different medications, three of which were prescribed without even seeing me. He gave me $$ for no reason, gave me his home phone number, would call me at home of Father's Day to see if my father had killed himself, and a few other tings which were even more outrageous. Monday, THANK GOD, i see a new Doctor, my b/f is coming with me, so hopefully there is a light at the end of this VERY dark tunnel!!
AlwaysRemembers AlwaysRemembers
41-45, F
Jun 7, 2007