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m y ex boyfriend called me late last night at 11:00,, he told me happy burfdae at 12:00 and then asked me to come over about 12:30! i hesitated but i came to see him,, i told him how i felt which i always feel stupis about after words! i think im just the crazy one, and he doesnt mean to hurt me intentintionally,, but i dont know we had sex, which i did miss from him but i always feel used afterwards & but then again im happy i dont know im confused! and also this weekend was so much fun went to a party and got real drunk i reunited with this boy that i havent seen in years he is so cute and funny! And he is playing football in college! man i wish he liked me like that, im not good enough for him! oh well
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 7, 2007

sometimes when you haven't been with someone for awhile you want that comfort and attention and it's not uncommon to go back to your ex to get I've done it before and felt the exact same way. Sometimes you got to remind yourself of the reason he or she is your ex and tell yourself your not going to put yourself in that situation again. Meeting someone new always helps. As far you you saying your not good enough for someone you shouldn't. Why do you feel your not good enough is how you perceive him or did he actually tell you your not his type. If he didn't then whats the harm in trying to get to know him more and catch up, you never know something could spark just don't let your physical attraction to him cloud your judgment if you know what I mean. You shouldn't think of yourself so negatively all the time.