Depression Can Destroy You!

I battle depression everyday, at this point everything has come to a complete stand still for me. I am unable to focus on things that needs to be done, I am unable to focus period. My husband completely doesn't understand me. He thinks that I am a complete failer, I am beginning to believe that he is right. It seems to me that he tries to prove me wrong on everything, and he is always successful at it. Sometimes I feel that I am no good to him or my children. I have caused so much mischiff in their lives, and the crazy thing is, is that I did not realize it until it was almost to late. Dealing with depression is like a smoke screen inside your mind. Your so wrapped up in the depression you do not realize the serverity of your actions. Right now I feel that my mind is stuck, my mind is scattered all over the place. I have so many problems with myself and some of the people that are closest to me. I took myself off my meds., not a good idea. I got tired of dealing with the theoripists, I just want to be able to get my meds. hastle free.
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26-30, F
Jun 8, 2007