... and It's a Secret.

I've had depression for my entire life. But I've always kept it to myself. I'm on meds now and seeing a therapist, which helps. My closest friends know, but I don't want to tell my family. I feel like they'd be disappointed in me or feel like it was their fault.
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I have delt with depression all my life and it's not something that you want every one to know. But i believe that you may need the support of your family if they are willing to give it. I know that it's hard to talk about what is going on in your life with family some times but you may feel better in the end. You may even find out that they know and are just waiting for you to tell them yourself. This is one of the hardest things you are going through in life..i wish you all the best of luck!

I deal with depression and my family knows about it. They knew before I would ever even admit it b/c my behavior had changed so much. It is difficult for them though. They try to be supportive but don't really know how or understand why I don't just snap out of it.

I know where you're at. I'll be honest with you, parents don't like to be told those things. They often feel like it's something to do with them. When I first told my parents of my depression, my Mother screamed at me. That was just her way of dealing with the shock. I'm not trying to put you off from telling your parents. On the contrary, I too, think it's really important. You just need to be aware that they may not like it at first. But that's just out of fear. If you give them time, they'll pull through. My parents did and now they are really supportive. It takes courage, but you have it. Best Wishes. xoxo