So Over It!!

sick of feeling like this everyday, latley it has been one thing after the other and i cant seem to get away from it. i want to run away and hide but i cant! i have a 1 year old and his father left me...i think it would be easier if i could never see him again but that is impossible with the baby. i hate him so much right now, and he doesnt even care. everything else in my life was bad but this just topped it all off. i dont know what i am meant to do now. if anyone has some advice please share, i dont have anyone to talk to!!!
Relle Relle
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 13, 2007

Along time ago my husband left me while I was 6 months pregnant with out first child. He left me for someone else. The pain was unbarable. But I had to keep going for my daughter.<br />
What I did not do way back then was seek help. If I was you I would talk to a therapist to help get your life in order and your priorities straight. Your priorities should be you and your baby. Treat yourself really good and please do not end up in another relationship just yet. And if and when you do meet someone (which I know you will) please take your time to get to know him. You do not want just anyone in your life because you are lonely. That can be worse than your loneliness and sadness. Just keep trying to detach emotionally from the babies father. You don't want to care about a man who would treat you badly. If he is reasonably nice, then appreciate that and try to move on. I know that it is so difficult right now. But do not let this emotional pain create an unhealthy life for you and your baby. You will feel better eventually and can have a happy future. Take care.

i only just got the internet yesterday and so wasnt reall sure what to start looking up but im 20 and have had depression since i was 16, iv made so many mistakes and lifes been so hard, im finaliy on a medication thats definitly helpd but i stil strugle boyfrend who iv lived with for 2&half years moved out 4wks ago&so i had 2 move 2& am now alone in a new flat with people i had neva meet b4&my direction in life is who knows rite now.have had the worst day&thrt id read how utha people coped since im now on the net&u can find anything!haha, but read your story and just had 2 say that i just feel 4 you, thers few common thngs already&its so hard to find sum1 you can talk 2 that dosnt hav sum say in yor life or wants 2.. my family hate how i dont let them in but its 2 hard they dnt understand.atleast u have yor baby 2 be strong for, your reali lucky... mayb u need 2 not c him 4awhile, he mite just hav 2 live not seeing the baby awhile while u have time to get yourself bak 2getha and find yourself agen.. he owes u the time until your ready to be able to c him agen.. write bak if you get this, im hapi 2 talk if you want :)