Born Melancholic

I battle depression on a daily basis, every day is a mess for me and I search constantly to find the silver lining, but none is in sight.  I am sad most if not all the time and I get so angry at the simplest of things.  Panic attacks are common to me and I  live in fear of death. Sometimes I wonder if I am going crazy or I've gotten to the destination already.  

I really dont know what else to say as words to describe my feelings fail me right now.  I am distraught at the prospect of living like this all the days of my life. 


Konfuzed Konfuzed
3 Responses Sep 24, 2008

have you sought treatment? I have had some good results with therapy and medication although I still feel a little depressed all the time.

i understand u too *hug*

I understand. REALLY. I fight depression continually. You have got to find one thing each day. Just one, that is good. whether it was something you saw, someone you encountered in the day.<br />
Start by being glad you had one momnet. I know this hard, but one moment is what we You have my support and can write if youwant. I understand.really I do. hng in there.