Don't Ask...

This one is about a dream or nightmare. It started off with me talking to a friend on Aim, but then someone else Aimed me to and started yelling at me. At the end of the conversation I said to them "you get your wish" and then I logged off. And went onto Furcadia and told my friend on there that I was going to leave Furcadia for good. And now... I feel odd, like if I suddendly placed a wall up inside of myself again. I only feel like crying on the outside, but what lays within me... feels like if something bad... had happened. So now am depressed 'cause of this dream thing.... so anyhow....
Vipy Vipy
26-30, F
3 Responses Jun 14, 2007

I do speak to other's about my depression, but often times when I message them that I am actually doing okay or so forth, they so speaking to me.

Dreams can be pretty powerful sometimes. I know my dreams can be more intense than reality sometimes. I know from experience that just about anything negative can throw me for a loop and put me back in a depressive mode. Talking about this with other people seems to be the only solution so if you wanna vent anything shoot me a message.

Dont make yourself Depressed with a has Happen 2 Me..and its not a Pretty sight...Just getting depressed thinking about it...Enjoy Life now..Dont Let the Dream or Worries Bother for 2mrow...Life has many problemz 2 think about a Dream