Never Ending Battle With Depression

Hi,im a 34 year old male who has fought depression most of my life. To most people im sure I come across as quite a happy go lucky sort of guy who is quite good fun,although most of it is just an act, as I don't like people knowing what I really feel like,a complete sense of self worth is not something that is easy to talk about even with friends. I have a degree in social science and although I can't be stupid otherwise I wouldn't have got the degree, I always feel that everybody is better than me. I like clothes, fashion and music. Im a bit new to all this internet chat, but im quite a friendly guy and I don't bite and look forward to hearing from anyone.           
mos mos
31-35, M
1 Response Jun 16, 2007

I know all about "acting' myself! I could get an award for some of the performances I give when someone says "how are you?" and I say "great, and you?' when what I'm thinking is"I hope i die tonight so I don't have to face another day of my crappy life"