Invisible Driving

In 1990 I sat in the smoldering remains of the life I'd had, at the tail end of a Manic episode that had lasted for months.  I had lost everything, house, family, job, money, I'd been beaten by cops and involuntarily committed to a mental hopsital.  Depression was familiar to me, Mania was not.  At that moment I decided to recapture the events of the past months, they were simply too extraordinary to believe, much less understand.  17 years later, Invisible Driving by Alistair McHarg is available on  You can read sample chapters on my website  I've been a professional writer for 25 years but nothing prepared me for the challenge of recreating the roller coaster ride of a Manic epsiode from the inside.  It's a funny book, and it's relentless - the English language gets quite a workout.  Ironically, much about my Depression was revealed in Mania because my twisted psyche had been turned inside out.  I'm a great believer in language, in humor, and in entertainment, and I did everything I could to make the book as engaging as possible.  But ultimately, I wrote it because I wanted to help my fellow "peeps" - everyone else out there who suffers with a mood disorder, or loves someone who does.  Thanks.  
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I've got your book on my wish list for next purchase when I get done with the books I'm reading. I read excerpts on amazon and know I will enjoy your book to the max. You have a great style of writing and creating new words.

How funny that we should choose humor as a weapon against Bi-Polar/Depression.....<br />
Like ya writing style tis sharp funny irreverant..kudos<br />