Been Looking Though a Cloudy Window Forever

I have always been depressed. but never had formal treatment. Just an antidepressent here and thee. I have been stong and held it together until about 5 years ago. Then I lost it. I am emoty, a shallow emoty soul.

The ONLY reason I havn't done anything to myself is my kids. I can't leave them with that memory to live with.

But I am miserable, scared, hopeless.

All I can do is ask God for help.

restlessheart restlessheart
46-50, F
2 Responses Jun 19, 2007

Hi, i too have battled most of my 62 years with depression,was hospitalised dec. 27 of 05 for clinical depression suicidal not eating. Was in a psychiatric ward several miles from my family and scared to death.I am in therapy and taking antidepressants,feeling much better am also in a support group for adult children of alcoholics. I am learning a lot about myself,it is really scary at times because you just want to feel ok,i have good days and bad days am a stronger person now and encourage you to write me when you feel down. We can be an encouragement to one another. I am a mother, grandmother and soon to be a great grandmother for the second time. a friend mother

Hey, just remember there's always something to look forward to. Yes I too am depressed, but I always have this shred of hope that things will get better. You never know who you might meet tomorrow, or later today. You never know what could come about, tragic or happy. But always remember to take it in strides.