Long Time Coming

Since chilhood i have battled depression but i didn't realize it. I tried to commit suicide in 8th grade but my mom didn't think i needed help so it continued to go untreated. IT was 2001 when my husband left me and my kids were grown and moved out that i finally broke down and sought help. Now i continue to fight it it's gotten worse and worse i attend a day group where we all battle mental illness. i spend alot of time isolated and i sleep alot even though i'm on two antidepressants. two anti phsycotics and two meds for anxiety.
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36-40, F
1 Response Jun 21, 2007

I suggest you take up some literature, but not just regular psychobabble, but more like Eastern type of philosophies that look at life from a very different perspective. I know how hard it's to read when feeling depressed (I've been there myself), but this is a good try to make you feel better. Try Chopra, Lee Carroll, Ruiz, Yogananda. <br />
If you've already tried this or just don't feel like it at all, then disregard.<br />
Sending you love.