It Seems So Hopeless

Hello, I just joined this forum as I cannot bear to be all alone any longer. i was diagnosed with severe depression about a year ago. Its been a rough year and even rougher last 3 months. This has caused my marriage to breakup with the love of my life, so i came back here to colorado cause i have a son here and a mother whom we dont really get along to well. Anyways i was nt here a month and i got a dui, i never hardly drink but was visiting with a freind and we had a couple drinks, i got ran off the road and boom, dui, blew a .09 and legal is .08. So I have monopolized my problems now and it all seems so hopeless. I am staying in a  freinds camper and it is so lonely. Ironic thing is that i was planning on going back to california to check into a behavioral hospital for my depression. I have been there before, I spoke to them and they were expecting me. I got dui on the 7th and i was going to leave on the 8th...god why. Well, now i am lost, i am hoping my mother will let me stay there and try to rebuild myself and gain some self-respect back, while i go thru my probation for the dui. It just seems to snowball out of control, and i feel so0 panicked. thank you all in advance for listening :}-Jeff
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Jun 23, 2007