My Daughter

Two months ago...CPS took my 14 yr old daughter from my home..The reason is i had gotten married to this person i only new for a couple of months.during christmas..He did a bad thing to her.But he had left in jauary..they said she was in danger..but from what..hes been gone and wont be coming back ever...i really miss her...I was able to talk to her....Then friday they said they had to take her somewhere for special care.. But wouldnt tell me i dont know where she is..

deanie deanie
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1 Response Jun 25, 2007

I pray your daughter can recover from her trauma, you have to always put your daughter first, when it comes to who you bring into your home.I hope things can be worked out where you both can be together, but It's best for your daughter to get the help she needs right now, be patient and make sure you can provide a safe invierment for her if she is allowed to come home. good luck