Enough Of It All..

Everyday i see them stealing my life.. even tho they're just being normal. Why is it so hard for me to see other people have fun?
Why can't i just relax, see the good sides of people. Why do i have to be so jealous?

Because my best friend is stealing everything from me. Nobody comes to visit me, they always visit him. The girl i love, loves him. He has been unfaithful to her, something i could never even think of doing to her (not that i would have a shot at that), and she just forgives him.
Why does everything have to be so easy for him? Why did i have to be the mutant? I can't take it anymore. I hate him, i hate and love her.

Everyday they tell me to smile. Why would i f*cking smile? what is there to smile about?
Of course they can smile. they have no worries. Everybody's got someone to love, except for me. i hate this school, almost as much as i hate myself.

Why were i even born? what purpose do i serve on this earth? They dont understand it.

I just love her. Why did she have to choose him.. they have nothing in common. I share so much with her, we have the same kind of humor, we like the same things, same foods.

I even told him that i had a crush on her, and still he slept with her the same night. Great friend i have there. He doesnt even want a relationship with her, he just doesnt tell her. Same story over and over again. They allways choose him, why can't i just for once show them that i am better than him??

i havn't slept for almost 2 days now.. thinking about ending it, but i dont have the guts to it. Why can't i just get hit by a car? Get send to the hospital, and see who would show up, who my real friends are?

Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Denmark.

Thanks for reading!
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1 Response Oct 23, 2013

I hope your depression goes away n you see the positive side like how stupid she is for not wanting you and how awesome you are just Remember you don't need people responses to feel wanted and suck just Remmeber you came on this world alone n you're leaving alone why carry around all this extra baggage just do you don't worry about anybody else

Sorry if it don't make sense I was just rambling of how I truly felt abt your post n thanks

Not rambling, makes perfect sense to me :-) And thanks for your reply, felt very good :-)

Your welcome 😊