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Enough Of It All..

Everyday i see them stealing my life.. even tho they're just being normal. Why is it so hard for me to see other people have fun?
Why can't i just relax, see the good sides of people. Why do i have to be so jealous?

Because my best friend is stealing everything from me. Nobody comes to visit me, they always visit him. The girl i love, loves him. He has been unfaithful to her, something i could never even think of doing to her (not that i would have a shot at that), and she just forgives him.
Why does everything have to be so easy for him? Why did i have to be the mutant? I can't take it anymore. I hate him, i hate and love her.

Everyday they tell me to smile. Why would i f*cking smile? what is there to smile about?
Of course they can smile. they have no worries. Everybody's got someone to love, except for me. i hate this school, almost as much as i hate myself.

Why were i even born? what purpose do i serve on this earth? They dont understand it.

I just love her. Why did she have to choose him.. they have nothing in common. I share so much with her, we have the same kind of humor, we like the same things, same foods.

I even told him that i had a crush on her, and still he slept with her the same night. Great friend i have there. He doesnt even want a relationship with her, he just doesnt tell her. Same story over and over again. They allways choose him, why can't i just for once show them that i am better than him??

i havn't slept for almost 2 days now.. thinking about ending it, but i dont have the guts to it. Why can't i just get hit by a car? Get send to the hospital, and see who would show up, who my real friends are?

Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Denmark.

Thanks for reading!
facader facader 18-21, M Oct 23, 2013

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