After 5months

i was depressed for 5months but have realised i have come out of it! i feel much better in my self!

yeah ok sometimes i don't want to go out and sometimes ill drink excessively on my own but thats not everyday were as before symptoms were occuring everyday!

i feel that for anyone to battle depression you need to have a good support system. For me i had around 4 very close friends who i were able to talk to, a teacher who i got along well with and my parents, although i don't tend to talk to them that often as i find it hard talking to someone who i have to live with day in day out. And at first home seemed to be the only place away from everything! until my parents found out.

i also feel that planning things is good as i have found. Planning what to do in your free time, give yourself a few hours of 2days aweek to rest but otherwise go out and do something, it will keep you busy and motivated. Being creative helps as you can express how your feeling through art, music etc


i hope this helps anyone who is suffering from depression!

xXmissyXx xXmissyXx
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 4, 2007

it's amazing missy to think me and you were traveling on the same paths. the past 3 weeks. i have felt so much better about myself as a person, and i still have my low times once and a while, but the only thing you learn to do is to try and push yourself through the ****** times. and once you put an effort into life you realize how much you'll recieve in return