Always Sad

I was teased alot when younger so that was the foundation of my depression which I've been in for a very long time now.  Each day I wake up with my stomach in knots, panicky of what to expect that day, and always on the verge of tears...the feeling comes & goes in waves, depending on how people interact with me & the events throughout the day, and I've lost confidence in myself in everyday activities as well as my job...Lately I've been feeling more numb to anything going on around me (like a defense mechanism) and not wanting to go outside and I used to go out all the time.  My husband does'nt help matters much, he does'nt seem to care what's going on with me; whenever I try to talk to him, he answers back with some sarcastic remark & then gets defensive because he thinks I'm putting him down when it's about me...and each conversation seems to end up with him doing all the talking about his job, or anything else other than my thoughts or concerns...making matters worse, people who I try to talk with only talk back about themselves since they're so wrapped up in their own lives I give up & keep quiet...So basically the feelings I'm keeping inside are eating me up! If anyone out there can help me I desperately need it and would appreciate it :)
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1 Response Jul 6, 2007

I feel the same where Ill try to talk to my wife about it and she just gets defensive, she knows Im depressed, she just tells me that Im not a real man for crying so much. But Ill listen to what you have to say if you will listen to me, Thats why i joined this, because it is eatting me up that i dont really have anyone to really talk to.