What Is Wrong With Me?

I had an entire pile of papers, mail, newspapers, impo

rtant papers to sort out.  Everyday I made a to do list to sort out these papers that I had piled next to the couch.  I was going to put them away in a box.  My boyfriend just got home from work and he sorted and put away papers in less than 3 minutes.  I feel like such a loser!

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6 Responses Jul 6, 2007

youre not a loser at all. It takes alot of effort to do the smallest thing when youre depressed. Your body doesnt function the way you want it to when your down. I know because I have been there. Dont be so hard on yourself.

I have the same problem. Your boyfriend was just trying to help I bet. You think like i do!

I need to join this group. My boyfriend used to always tell me I was trying to defy gravity with the miles of piles of papers. In the end, he defied gravity - he died in 2001.

be free to take him anytime you like, lol

be glad your boyfriend is good at that sort of thing! can i borrow him for a day? lol, just kidding!

I know what you mean; my ex-wife was very talented when it came to organization. Not only was she not intimidated by clutter and a mess and stuff in need of order, she looked forward to and excelled at putting everything in its place. <br />
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I'm with you though; for me clutter, and piles are a normal part of living. Every once in a great while I get around to organizing; but I have to be very open-ended and free-flowing to do it. Like, say I'm putting things in folders, I have to be as general as possible, otherwise I'll fret for hours about what I should label my folder (something not too hard to remember, but something specific enough to be useful, etc). But, even still, I've had to (and have to daily) come to a great sense of serenity when it comes to my piles of books, papers, mail, print outs, etc. I'm also getting much better as a grow older at figuring out the absolute minimum I need to keep, and keeping just that. I don't keep every iota of mail any more. I don't print everything of interest. So I guess I'm combating the clutter and the mess and the stress caused by having all that stuff to organize by just simplifying as much as I can. Simplify, simplify, simplify. <br />
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More than anything though, try not to feel like too much of a loser. Some people--sounds like your boyfriend among them--have a talent and drive to organize and clean. Some of us have to work at it.<br />
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And, heck, just because they might be so awesome at such things, there are bound to be things we're good at too. I like to think that everyone starts out having 100 points (in the womb) to assign to themselves as they see fit. They can either be really beautiful (but use lots of their points to be just so) or they can be more average but smarter, or smart and beautiful but a poor organizer, or whatever. I don't really believe that anyone really "has it all." <br />
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Keep your chin up!