I have has depression related to a panic disorder for years.I feel sad at random.seemingly for no reason.sometimes it's hard to find that drive to get up ..knowing that this new day is probably not going to be much better..I have a son...his father left us..and is currently living with my ex best kills me everyday...not just that fact alone but the fact that he seems to have no problem being an excellent father to her two children...when his is left hurt and confused.he deserves so much better...and I feel like a failure for what I cannot give him.
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Since this post ....I am doing really well !!!!!!!!! My son is 10 now ...I am in therapy and on medication and we are doing awesome.I have a boyfriend ...we have a 3 year old have been together for 4 years :)

if he was an ******* to you and left you for your friend. YOU are the one who deserves better. HE deserves nothing.<br />
<br />
think of it this way. one day he might leave your friend. or she might leave him. either way someone would probobly look to you for help. and you get the honor of telling them you dont love them anymore.<br />
it seems mean. but if someone hurts you they dont deserve anything but revenge.<br />
<br />
fuckim. your going to find someone that makes your life beautiful.

Depression is anger turned inward, it is not your fault for this man, and his bad choices. I feel bad for your children. Get involved in a good support group, there are so many out there. I am an adult child of an alcoholic and attend a great support group. Try to be strong and keep me posted,you will be in my thoughts D