"When Will I Ever Share That Special Bond With Someone"

I Battle Depression, I  Probably Have Most Of My Life.  I Have Always Been There For Everyone Else And Somehow I Lost Myself SomeWhere.  Or Was There Ever A Me To Begin With....

I Have Wanted To Give And Receive Love All Of My Life. Easy Right, All The Millions Of People In The World...I Think Then What Is Wrong With Me.. I Would Give The World To Have Someone Love Me As Much As I Love Them. Does That Make Sense? So Many Days, Too Many To Count I Just Don't Want To Wake Up Tomorrow...There Are So Many People In This World Like Me, Looking To Feel Special To That One Person...I Have Never Had Someone That Really Took The Time To Know Me And See How Fun And Wonderful I Can Be....Why Arn't We Could Enough? Why Do We Have To Stand Back And Watch Other People Have That Happy Life, The Life That We (that I) Want.....I Just Want To Know I Matter To Someone Else.....And Each Day I Don't Gets That Much Harder For Me To Give In.......And Not Want To Go On...

There Must Be That Special Man Out There For Me, Or Is It I Will Never Be Good Enough For Anyone, Know Matter How Hard I Try......My Tears Flow So Much Easier Now, Sometimes I Wonder Was I Put On This Earth By Mistake..........I Guess I Just Want Peace Inside Of Me, But Instead I Shake Constantly..So Here I Am Extremely Depressed, So Lonely And Not Wanting To Go On...........All I Have Ever Wanted Was To Be Able To Give My Love To Someone And Have It Returned...

I Would Love To Talk To Someone,Maybe We Could Be There For Each Other..

            Faithless And Nowhere To  


Faithless Faithless
46-50, F
2 Responses Jul 9, 2007

I really do know actually how you feel. I wish I could answer a lot of questions for you, but I can't. I have the same questions and have never found an answers yet. Maybe one day we will hopefully both find some answers.

if you where put on this earth by mistake then God would have been taken your life long ago. many people who weren't suppose to be in this world the day you typed this letter died. Put you are still here. everyone has a purpose believe it or not. Your day will come. <br />
<br />
besides , if you really think you dont have a purpose, then make one...A positive one.