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I was first diagnosed with a depressive disorder when I was 12. Because I was so young, doctors didn't want to give me an official diagnosis and have it be wrong later, so I was given the diagnosis of depressive disorder not otherwise specified. Thanks to a few years of therapy and multiple medications, I've gotten my mood closer to where it should be, but I still have weeks where I can't get out of bed and look at myself.
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1 Response Jul 15, 2007

It is astounding how your mind dictates your reality - not the evidence. When I was in grad school, right after my mom died - I dropped into a clinical depression that lasted a very long time. I slept in my clothes, ate cold soup out of a can, did the very minimum to stay alive. I went to class and went home. That was a long time ago, I've lived through Manic Depression and it's under control now. 12 is indeed very young for a diagnosis - but at least you have awareness and medicine working for you - that's a lot more than I had when I was your age. Hang in there.