Dazed and Confused

It all began after I was administered pitocin to induce labor for my third child. right there on the hospital bed I began to experience feelings of anxiety and fear, worry , lonliness all mixed together as soon as i received the second dose of pitocin. I went home 2 days later feeling fine. 2 weeks later I began to faint and go into a deep sleep out of  nowhere for no reason. I thought it may be the anesthesia for I had a tubal done after delivery.Later I went to my gynocologist and she told me it was post partum depression. It has been 4 yrs. and I am still struggling to get better. I was diagnosed by my phsyciatrist as having major depressive disorder.


elvira elvira
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1 Response Jul 16, 2007

It's gotta be upsetting to have to deal with major depression at this time in your life. Such a late onset is uncommon as well. Four years is a long time but it doesn't mean you won't get better eventually. Best of luck to you :-)