Seeking Help Please

hello, i am a 31,male rockwood,tn suffering from panic attacks since 17 my last phyc doc was 10yrs ago iwas started on paxil and just get my fam doc to give me samples.i also take blood pressure and thyroid meds.icannot hold ajob for my embarassing and horrifing condition for long ,so i have no insurance.tenn care docs seenme for 15 min and uped or downed my symptoms get worse then better then a new one appears.i do beleive ihave physical problems also.ihave drowned my sorrows with alchohol for dad is my only family and he is58 retired vetern.i say this because he is not going to live forever and i do not know what i will do without his love and finacial support.he doesn't understand the disease but  he does his best.i need to find the best helpfor me and at least give something for my dad to be proud of.i know i can be aproductive person if i get the help i despertly need. if you can help me please let me know thank you!!!
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Here is something that that made a big difference in my life. <br />
Self love.<br />
It happens one day as I was telling some friends about an experience I had. <br />
I noticed some one in the group had a look on there face that I interpreted as disapproval<br />
I realized that I had just made that up and that I really didn't know what they were thinking<br />
I also realized what I was thinking they thought of me, was what I was thinking and projecting i thought of me...<br />
What really made a difference to me here was that I realized that I get to decide what I think others are thinking of me. I stopes thinking that they were disapproving and thought to my self that they loved me instead. What then happens was awesome I started projecting this idea that they loved me and my experace was one of approval...<br />
I hope you can see sometiming for your self here...

that is so sad just ask god and keep <br />
praying because god is always going <br />
to be there for you

Welp, Here is your first problem I am assuming your a big guy. By your comments relating to your embarrassing and horrifying condition. <br />
<br />
Takes some steps to work on that you may have a thyroid condition but you cannot just relay on the pills and hope to cure the problem. There are weight loss groups you can join that do not cost money.<br />
<br />
while doing this you will create some much needed relationships to help you through your tough times.

Excelent advice, i was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2005, also anxiety. I am seeing a psycologist, in an adult child of alcoholics group, and taking an anidepressant. The combination of support and meds have helped so much. Seek some help, it is there and best of luck