I Get So Depressed I Can't Function

There is no end to my depression. I've been told how strong a person I am to have survived all the things I have been through in my life so far. Strong? No, I don't feel strong. I just somehow struggled through. Pregnant and married at 19. Divorced by 26. Husband liked to yell and hit on me. Jumped right into another bad relationship that found me and my daughter living 12 hours from my hometown beaten again. Finally met my now husband who is great with his friends but is an alcoholic that can be my best friend one day and the next screaming at me for little things.

With only a high school diploma I've worked hard all my life to get where I'm at and after 9 years at my current job I have a new boss of 1 year that literally hates my guts. Too long of a story. Maybe later.

I lost my mother and grandparents within the last six years and my father now lives with me due to cancer and heart disease. I have no life now. I can't turn on the radio without him having a negative comment. He watches me if I drink a beer. He now owns the t.v. and it's news all the time.

I lost my faithful companion. Buddy my 13 year old Lhaso Apsa in June and life just isn't the same without her.

Now I'm really depressed.

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6 Responses Dec 28, 2008

Have faith in yourself, look at all YOU have accomplished without a continued education. Do you love your new husband? Does he bring JOY to your life? Ask yourself these questions and be truthful with the answers. Taking care of your needs comes first, if he continues to drink and does not get help you may have to take action to get your life back. I am so sorry for your losses but we know people and our beloved unconditional love pets pass away. Get another pet from a shelter that needs love. Take care of your father and daughter. We are a product of our thoughts, so think good ones. You are worth it...

But I have heared few sentences which says like this"Believe that every sorrow is followed by Happiness." "Believe that every sorrow is followed by Happiness."<br />
"Try to count your blessings not your troubles" <br />
"Forget yourself by becoming interested in others"<br />
And don't lose hope.God will take care of you.

sorry to hear that. I have a hard time as well and today almost got kicked out of the house and I am only 18. My adoptive mom is an alcholic and has hit me quite a few times but I have been too scared and still am to do anything.<br />
<br />
You should get help honestly. <br />
No one should be beaten no matter what. I should get help as well. My friends have tried to tell me I am strong and I don't feel strong at all. I have been through alot but barely have made it through some of the things honestly. <br />
<br />
I can only find one thing to live for and I am not sure how long I will have it even.

Well I'm on medication. Cymbalta and Valium when I really get stressed out. Meds help but nothing can fix a life. It'll get better. I'm just in a rough patch right now. <br />
Thanks for the blessing.

I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering so much and l also wish there was something I could say or do to help. Get help through social services or another type of agency so you can maybe get therapy and/or medication. Life is better than what you are living and you need to find a way to find that sunshine, like lonerichard said. God Bless you!

Wow, I wish I had some profound bit of wisdom to help you cope. That sounds pretty tough. I think I would agree with you friends that indeed you are a strong individual, to have burdened so much. <br />
Perhaps here at EP you can find some peace and understanding. Maybe some wise words from some of the more sagged members.<br />
Don't give up, find the sunshine and fight to stay in its warmth.