My Life Is Over

when i was 16 my life change i started feeling depress i would always eat but eating wouldn't solve my problem it made it worst it all started at my high school when some boy wanted to do something with me i told him i was't ready so something bad happened i was nearly raped and some people don't believe me but i no what happened  after happened people said i was pregnant  calling me all kinds of names  and made feel really bad. one of my so call freinds  was spreading rumor that i  was pregnant that made feel really bad now i no she is no longer my freind.  but anyways after it happened i would always cry myself to sleep later i would eat than I gain alot of weight now i am trying to get my life togeather this is my senior year of high school i am now 18 years of age thank god. and i am trying to so hard to get my selfesteem back.



shelita shelita
18-21, F
Jul 19, 2007