Battling and Winning

I used to be deprssed a whole lot of the time, but I have come down on some of my meds and that has helped.  Going on a hormone pill has also helped.  But the biggest change I have found is spending time with others like me at the Canadian Mental Health Association in a group for members called Reach.  They have different gropus like creative writing, Comedy as a way to cope and so on.  their groups are awesome and supportive and most of all, everybody can laugh about life there.  Nobody looks down on anybody because we all know what it is like to have mental  health issues.  It has been a godsend for me.  Getting out for a walk even just across to the store also helps.  I really have not felt Down in quite a while.  I hope you all are able to find something that gives you happiness...but remember, happiness is an inside job.


Sheri1969 Sheri1969
36-40, F
Jul 29, 2007