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Is Numbness a Sign of Depression?

hello to everyone, ive suffered from depression in the past i think part of me has accepted that its part of my makeup, u have good periods and bad periods like everyone else but ours is different, its like a black cloud that appears suddenly or can take a long time to appear, ive always known when im going into a depression but now im not so sure, i dont feel angry, sad or upset  and i cant feel the "black cloud"i can still laugh and be happy but all of the time i feel a numbness no matter who im with or what im doing, i also feel unable to love, which is a scary thought for some people but for me i just feel numb about it all, i was just hoping other people out there know exactly how it feels and id like to chat about it more, x

LeeAnn LeeAnn 26-30, F 71 Responses Jul 31, 2007

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Yeah, I know what you mean. The only reason why I'm not tearing my hair out right now is because I'm on my medication, but my life still feels like a fog that, I can kind of make it through but it still affects my life. I am getting help, but it'll take a while to get through this.<br />
<br />
Best of luck.

i no how u feel, i can put a face on for people and then crumble as soon as thet have left, i dont fink anyone else has a clue whats goin on except my husband. i can wake up and feel fine and then something small can trigger it and its like the end of the world and i just wanna shut myself away. is that the black cloud? i cant take any medication as im pregnant!

I know the numbness unfortunately pretty well especially of late

Dear LeeAnn<br />
Numbness is NOT a sign of clinical depression. To self diagnose clinical depression, ask yourself these 5 questions:<br />
<br />
1) am I sleeping well?<br />
2) is my appetite good?<br />
3) have I good self-esteem?<br />
4) have I much hope for the future?<br />
5) have I a healthy libido?<br />
<br />
If you get 3 No's when answering these questions, you have self-diagnosed clinical depression.<br />
<br />
If you feel numb, that's something else. Some kind of shock maybe? If you don't know what has caused the numbness, you may benefit from talking things out with a good friend or a counsellor. If you do know what has caused the numbness, the same applies - talk about it, but with a view to finding something practical you can do for yourself.<br />
with love

I feel the same way. I have had depression since I was about 10, and right now I'm a very numb person. I never get excited, it takes a lot to allow me to say I am actually "happy" and I have a hard time telling my fiance I love him. Holidays don't get me excited anymore like they used to. I am on Cymbalta but I think it only keeps me on a fairly stable scale, I'm not depressed but I wouldn't' say "happy" either. I'm glad to know that other people experience this too.


I can completely relate. Ever since my Mom passed away I've been numb. It's been so hard for me to care about anything. The only thing/one I still care about is my boyfriend, who is my whole life now and has really helped me for the past year. Numbness is worse than pain though. At least pain means that you're alive. Being numb feels like being dead. At least that's what I think.

i think thats normal. i've reached that point were i've been depressed long enough for me to think that there's nothing left in me to feel with. i call it apathy and i've been feeling a lot of it lately. i think i've hit rock bottom or close to it

I understand what you mean about going numb. In my personal experience with depression it settles itself right in beside loosing my ability to care and connect. I'll even see what's happening and know it but I won't care - won't want to , try to, and if I try I find I can't. It's like a total feeling of indifference for me - it doesn't matter what happens.

i have felt numb from depression. it has gotten very bad due to certain life circumstances. i think the best thing to do is to not think about your feelings, remember that emotions are temporary. one moment we can be happy, the next moment sad or frustrated. don't let the emotions control your life and instead, focus on what you are doing. go out and get sunshine; if you're an extrovert, get out among people. exercise to feel happier, and just think positive. ie. if you lose the opportunity to get a job, think about what you can do to secure the next one. take it in stride. that's what i'm doing, and i've been depressed since i was 13.

Some good advice! And anyone with this illness,obviously should find a non-judgmental person to listen to them! I have been dealing with this for many years,also.

Maybe this could help?... If you feel depressed, just do what actors do, act, act not-depressed, act wide awake, act bored and staring, remember to take longest deepest breathes, inhales and exhales to push the thought away..and act something, act/pretend/imagine/blank thought/staring thought and don;t forget to breathe... depression isn't a big thing,,you just gotta know things, learn new things to deal with it, remember old things that will make you depressed to counter act with your new in-sight/knowledge to your "own brain"..... Msg Me if this works..i've never been depressed myself.. im a type of person that just desnt deal with bad emotions/moods/thoughts..i just leave those alone...why remember something that, bad, if its just going to make you not learn anything good or better to make you a new or different person of your old self with a new mix...All your basically doing is, reading new thoughts, remembering new thoughts,..might wanna write this down on a specific paper,save cd, memory card to help you remember for a life long accession[to increase, by something added]]............remember, i said, act like an actor with your emotions, or wherever depression comes from...mood/emotion/vibes/thoughts/breathing/words/............. Which is better, Balance of Good and Normal, or Good and Nothing/Blank thoughts??

I have felt that way, I could keep on with my daily activities but I felt like a robot, I started eating a lot gained some weight became even more depressed, I became sort of bulimic always feeling the need to loose weight I couldn't sleep until I had enough I went to the psychologist, than I was sent to psychitrist, my diagnosis was dysthymia I was prescribed antidepressants tried many of them, I saw the light on prozac but deep inside I feel guilt because I know is a falacy, my happines is not real, I am scared I even started manipulating my doctor to give me more meds, I feel lost, in mexico both of the drugs can be bought without presc<x>ription, I just don't know if I need them, I feel weak becase I cannot fight my insecurities without this meds.<br />
I just wander what will happen once I stop using them, I am scared of the side effects of these medication, they mess with your brain.<br />
Be STRONG don't take the easiest path, it only makes things harder, nothing is real you are just hiding from your problems instead overcoming them, you have no idea much I regret my desicion, I am scared of not beign accepted as the quiet shy girl, I am scared of gaining weight if I stop the treatment, I am scared of REALITY, of facing my darkest fears, really really scared because sooner or later I will and I have been there is not easy, is painful, scary, confusing, dark, just deal with it, now that you can!!!

I have bipolar disorder. I feel depression/pain/numbness... all these things i fell to a deeper extent than the normal person. (i also get manic where i'm high/really happy) anyways i totally understand what you are saying. some people are hyper sensitive to emotions. really the only people who understand what you are saying are those people like us who feel the pain deep within our souls. for the normal person to say i know what you're talking about... they have no ideas. i'm always here if you need a friend who understands. It's not easy but there are ways to help.

The only time I've experienced numbness is when I'm dealt such a great blow of sadness that my body can't quite comprehend of undertake it, and it just cancels out all emotion in my for a while, so I can cope with the sadness little by little. I'm not sure if this helps or not.

Ok, I'm sorry GhostMagic but you have no idea what you're talking about when you say depression isn't a big thing. You even said it yourself, you're not even depressed. Some people get so depressed that their body begins to shut down. I know someone's Dad that was so depressed that his body began to actually shut down, and then he shot himself. Does that not sound like a big thing to you?<br />
<br />
LeeAnn; Numbness to me is a sign of depression, but it's not TOO bad yet. You should still try to do something about it though. Surround yourself with friends that make you laugh. Try to stop and think about how wonderful life can be and how lucky you are to be here to enjoy it. I know it's hard, I have problems like yours too. And I know this is probably dumb, but watch "American Beauty" That movie really gave me a new outlook on things. :P

I know how you feel. The numbness hit me like a train today, out of nowhere. Something triggered a memory of the last time I was happy, truly happy, without the meds, without the 'crazy' label. I lost it. I cried for 45 minutes and since that I've just been numb. The numbness is never good for me, it usually precipitates a visit to the Dr. to look at my presc<x>riptions again. sigh. <br />
<br />
I wish you all the best.

are we talking psychic numbness or the addicto-depressive condition? I need a answer from you all first off.

The numbness... stays. i've been diagnosed with depression for over 15 years, and that unfeeling is always there. It was probably my first symptom, i think, although i didn't realise what it was at the time.

I feel that numbness to, I can have a very fun time laughing and being with my friends, but I feel numb, I thought it wasn't normal til I read this, I'm in 8 th grade, felt it since 6th, when I got depressed for the first time, so far, it's always in the back of my mind, I can only feel my emotions to a certain degree, I can't take meds, since I'm 13, but I just want the numbness to go away, or to not be able to feel my emotions at all, I know it's strange to say that, but it's true, I don't want to be able to feel sad, or angry, or even happy, I just want to feel... Loved

numbness is a sign. You should talk about what bothers you more, and you'll start to feel better. it's completely normal, although you should try and fix it in your own way, by relaxing. Even if you laugh and smile, it doesn't mean anything until later.

I know exactly how you... well how you don't feel. I've felt numb since about 6th grade. Happiness and Laughter seem so normal, but everything else is just nonexistent. I'm in 9th grade now. I've never been depressed, and I don't take medication for anything. I hope your question gets answered... I'd really help me to. :)

I know exactly how you... well how you don't feel. I've felt numb since about 6th grade. Happiness and Laughter seem so normal, but everything else is just nonexistent. I'm in 9th grade now. I've never been depressed, and I don't take medication for anything. I hope your question gets answered... I'd really help me to. :)

Sounds like dythsmia to me. Low level depression that buzzes along in the background all the time making you feel "wrong". With the wrong person, in the wrong place, doing the wrong things in your life, everything feels like it must be better but you can't figure out how or why.<br />
<br />
Dythsmia will eventually blow up whenyou face a major negative life event and you'll remember all that time with dythsmia as OK times.<br />
<br />
You need treatment, and now. Believe me, you do not want to go through the deep depression that will follow in time if you do nothing about it.<br />
<br />
Act now while you can and it's still manageable and treatable. You don't know why do you? Therapy will help you find your answers. You wonder about these things a lot of the time. Why, when, how, what? Right? But you don't know the answers.

ive felt the extreme sadness of depression. now im just numb & uncharacteristically indifferent. i think i spent so much time trying to protect myself from the pain that ive gone too far in the other direction.

Coffee ,coca-cola and everything with caffeine in it was making me feel depressed and numb and uninterested for everything and everybody . Same with chocolate . Since I stopped consuming those , about 6 months ago, things slowly started to get better . It was not easy to get off those things and I failed few times but now I am completely clean . I have small pizza store and before I would always wash, clean and prepare things for next working day in last possible moment because I was always depressed and numb ,so only when it was absolute must I would do things that were needed to be done . Since I stopped consuming things that have caffeine in it I feel so much happier and do everything that needs to be done right after busy hours are over and I am getting more and more busy and customers and people I meet smile to me more than ever before....or it is just me noticing now . Tea is same as coffee for me...even if it is suposedly tea without caffeine . It was extremely hard to do it but now I drink only water . And I do not believe in God in Bible terms but I agree with allissaxx who posted before me.

I have also found caffeine to be a factor how I feel. I have been on and off of caffeine for long periods a couple of times. This time after five years without caffeine I consciously decided to resume using caffeine following the loss of my health insurance. Caffeine seems to help with my ADHD, but I will eventually give it up again because of its addictive properties and emotional effects, even though the ADHD will worsen unless I can hold out until I can get insurance. I certainly agree that if you use caffeine you need to study the issues.

I know EXACTLY what you mean. Sorry, I'm not up for chatting - but I wanted you to know that others get this same feeling at times. I urge you to recognise you ARE going into a depressive phase and to get help for it. {{{hugs}}}

Hi, I found this guys on Youtube, he has a lot of videos that can help ! his name is Momo<br />
look him up, Momo from TheMomoZone, you can even send him a question :)

I would love to chat. I always seem like I have so much to say but none of it ever comes out the way I want it to. For the past 7 years of my life, I've felt a numbness. Its on and off, like sometimes I'm legitimately happy and then other times I'm really depressed. There's a story behind it but I'd rather not post it on a public post. We should chat.



I'm sorry your suffering, I know exactly how you feel. I feel exactly the same, a complete numbness, inability to feel good or bad things and a feeling of being locked inside myself. It's definitely a sign of depression. For me I know it s result of things being unresolved, but I feel like I can't get to what it is that I need to resolve. So I feel like I've just shut down. Antidepressants definitely create a flattening effect too which in my experience makes you numb. I first had the numbness following a really awful stressful need pressure period and i
guess i feel like I'm too scared to feel.

S x