Nothing Is Forever...................

My life has been of taking risks and suffer the consequences.

I am very trusting and loyal and assume all are. I have found differently.

Two marriages/divorces, 2 other relationships that went sour.

Wonderful two children.

My life has been of service in the social work field.

I was forced to retire after burning out from the job.

Lost job, house, pets, partner and my mind.

I have no family in Canada except my children and grandchildren. Very hard for me to deal with as I am a Cancer with great love for roots and family.

However, I do know that 'this too shall pass'


isad isad
61-65, F
2 Responses Aug 1, 2007

I trust everyone as well is hard to give it all and than you get stabbed in the back, but let me tell you something, we struggle with less trouble we usually find out who is really trustworthing faster than anyone else we don't even get mad we just seat and wonder why, there is no hate just confusion, and sadness, and finded easy to let go from does people that have hurt us!!!

I commend you for your spirit. I am the same way too when it comes to people, that i assume that they are caring and nice. Sometimes i dont know how to react with people.