Nope, Luckily. ...

Nope, luckily. I feel a bit stressed at the mo, but there are reasons.
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im emo i cut myself last night :'( i wish i was carefree like u

True believers don’t get depressed<br />
Good luck

wow i felt depressed wunce like really depressed lol that t wasnt even funny aht th time because i was having panik attacks lol.,?<br />
<br />
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and endid up not breathing properly i wasnt n a good state...and what made it worse was a friend of mine sed he was going to come to help me but he didt did he now...that just made things fricken even worse nd i started boiling my eyes out nd pankicking even morehuh.,? now i can just get over that because ist as just added stress over stress over hurt but now depression that would be a hard thing to get over or through even thoe ive been through it wunce in my lief nd never wish for that agen huh.,? ihts not a good state of mind to be n huh.,?

go do some more acid dickhead

How to beat depression for good. First if you are depressed, there probably physical aches, pains, in the back, neck, and back of the skull. This is your body reacting to mental output. Get quit, relax, mediate, find calm and clear in your mind. Ask the places in your body that hurt, why they hurt. OK, I know it's strange but there is an entity associated with every part of your body. When the body hurts for no outside reason it's a reaction to the mind telling you something. SO, once you reach a relaxed, focused medatation state, imagine a mirror. See yourself in the mirror and pretend the reflection you in the miror is the part of the body that hurts. (The Reflection may change form). Ask it, simply, and see what it says. Wuth depression you should have several aches and pains, ASK EVERY SPOT that hurts, why it hurts, what's going. The answers should be similar, giving you and insight as to EXACTLY WHY you are depressed. THere answers should allow your conscious mind to define the problem, and work it out. DEPRESSION GONE! Let me know if it helps.

death is a ntural process that will happen acept that and you have no reason to kill your self

Alright, i was so depressed, i almost hung myself. Then i got to know god on a higher level & i started over. He will explain to you why this is happening, i swear this happened to me! You may not think its this easy, but it really is.

we all need just a little bit of stress sometimes to keep us going. some of that that u are feeling might be eustress! haha. anyways. good luck.

stress is a part of life we will all experience it sometime..its when its out of control ie anxiety disorder is when you need to get help