When Will Life Get Better?

I have battled depression for about 12 years. When will it get better? I have tried every medication you can think of and none worked. I have a VNS implant about 6 months ago and that doesn't seem to be working. I asked my husband today when the last time I smiled was and he couldn't remember.( I can't either)

I just want this to stop and have a somewhat normal life.......

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1 Response Aug 5, 2007

Hi<br />
The VNS implant needs to go through your PS doctor. You need to talk to him to see if your eligible and many insurances dont pay for it.<br />
What it does is delivers a shock to my brain through a pace-maker type device that is implanted in my shoulder area with wires running to the vagual nerve in my neck that runs through your brain. But this is not an immeditate fix, I have been turned on for about 7 months and and have only seen little improvement. <br />
Hope this helps if you have more questions please ask.