So Afraid

I have recurrent depression. All these thoughts about suicide...When I look at the razor blade I'm thinking what to do with it. Sometimes I search for taller buildings just in case. And I've already planned for my funeral and what the process will be. I'm afraid one day I'd really end everything when the worst days of depression come. I am only 28. I am very afraid. I know deep inside, I still want to breathe.

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Hi dear friend. I am still seeing a psychiatrist and on medication.I attempted suicide before cause i have too much traumas in my life.If you have time read my stories and comments.Hope you can feel better.I am always here 24/7 on EP,READING(TO KNOW MORE OF HUMAN SUFFERINGS),LEARNING(TO KNOW THEIR SOLUTIONS TO THEIR PROBLEMS AND COMMENTING(SHARING MY LIFE STORIES AND ALSO A LISTENING EAR FROM THEM)I enjoy so much and learned and have so much joy each day.

Seek the spirit that is within you. IMeditate. Your soul is crying, hold it, take care of it. Discover your inner child.

Just know that you are not alone. You may feel alone (I know I do a lot), but you aren't

Hey! Don't you think like that. TRUE at times life is difficult. But! Later when you think that you've survived you'll be proud of yourself. And think about it what you have. NOT what you don't have. And before you take your life please think about your friends and family that are close to you. You don't want them to suffer do you?