I have depression

I have had depression for a very long time and it can be very hard and stressful sometimes. It has always gave me a hard time because when i was going through all of that pain between me and my dad and step-mom it got worse. And also when my grandma died i felt even worse then i did before. And just sometimes i get deppresed for no reason it is just so hard dealing and battling with deppression.

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Thankyou that really means a lot to me i really appericate it.

I feel sorry for you and hope for the better, if you ever read this comment check out my site http://remedyservice.weebly.com/ and if you need to talk to someone you can email me at remedyservice@gmail.com

Thankyou and yeah it can be very hard when you lose somebody that you love but at least they are not in pain anymore and plus you will always get to see them again one day.

i'm sorry you've had to go through that. i don't know what i will do when my grandma dies, and to have to deal with all the rest at the same time had to be very hard.