No One Would Guess

day after day i smile and do my work ( while i think of how i want to stop being so nice to rude people) or i have it out with my boyfriend ( and hide my tears) . i think that i am depressed. i feel good at one moment then sad the next. i don't think anyone would believe me and would think that i want attention. but i don't need attention, i need a boyfriend that is not a butt, and i need to stop getting so mad at my two little children. since some of you know what it is to be depressed, do you think that is what is wrong with me? how do you deal with it without telling anybody?

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

i want to cry, but i feel like sheding one more tear would be a waste. i started working out to make myself more healthy. i thought that it would help with self esteam. i tried telling a few family members that i felt sad and depresed but they were more involved with there own problems. i understand that to each there own, so i try not to show it. the only person i am a @#$%& to is my boyfriend. but he does things to make me so mad. at the end of the day...... i just want to cry were no one can see me. but i dont because i dont want GOD to think i am full of self pity.

In the first place, you are not gonna deal with your depression unless you're willing to let other people know what's going on with you. Sure, you can try to handle it alone, but I can tell you from experience that it doesn't work! You need to talk about what you're feeling so other people know why you're acting the way you do. Otherwise they might just think you're a nasty ***** and never know that it's the depression that's making you that way.