Medical Or Mental???

I've been feeling ill recently and my doc ran me through blood

tests etc. and the results were normal. Can what I'm going

through be depression? It's hard to describe the symptoms but

I feel really sick. There's no pain or anything and my wife says it's

all in my mind. Anyone else ever went through or are going through something like this? I's making my life unbearable and I needsome help. If this is depression can anyone suggest help?I've checked depression symptoms and I don't see any fitting my symptoms. Anyone who can relate to me please reply cause I feel like not going on like this. Thanks for listening.

kalawikimaui kalawikimaui
1 Response Feb 11, 2009

Make a list of the things your are not happy with in your life. Then tick the ones you think will be difficult to change. Who will be affected if you changed these things? there possibly is your answer to your Dis ease(sick feeling).