I Moved In With the Man I Love

I am 20 and I moved in with my boyfriend he is a great guy...I moved in to july and I moved from kentucky to new york...its a big city and its hard to make friends so my bipolar is getting worse....I have no friends and he goes out and leaves me alone I hate being alone but it aways happen I dont wanna keep him away frm his friends but sometimes he seems so inconsidrate u know what I mean I am scared that its gonna break us up because I feel like I am going crazy



I dont know what to  do and its hard to talk about with anyone else I just want something to do woth my ;ife

luvislife luvislife
1 Response Feb 11, 2009

Why don't you just hang out with him and his friends. Most guys I know, including myself, love when their girlfriends show that added interest in them.