Ah Soy Milk.. Taste Really Good..

I eat when I'm that depressed, but I couldn't be bothered to buy food so I slept to push back my cravings.. but when I can't ignore it any longer I chose to chug soya down my throat instead.. I hate having to go out at all these days..

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@starsandsighs: I don't like pms either.. doesn't improve my mood.. but I read a lot of books instead.. helps a lot.. but I still don't like to go out..<br />
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@crazymanj: I think I look better skinny too, I want to try out your way of eating.. ;)<br />
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@frspaniard: ermmm peanuts I love them but I'm allergic to them.. i still eat them anyway.. ;)

I always shop around 11 pm because I'm afraid of total strangers judging me on my eating/purchasing habits, even though I eat pretty healthy. One advantage though is that there are no lines and parking is great. I have a problem with under eating or maybe not I'm not sure. I've never been terribly comfortable with my body. I liked being thin, I think I look better, but people said I was scrawny, and I know I could be stronger If I weighed more and ate more... ohwell.

oh wow. i could've written your story. i only left the house yesterday to go to the supermarket and that was because i had to replace my roomate's cereal that i ate. i eat when i am depressed also. i wish i was one of those people that can't imagine eating when they get depressed. truly, these days i do not like the person i am becoming. i am completley uninspired and irritated all the time. =( maybe pms is making it worse. there's got to be a way out.